Adolf Hitler Speaks – Volume Two: The Social Struggle


Adolf Hitler Speaks is translated from original Third Reich material, specifically excerpts from his speeches between 1922 and 1935. This second volume deals with The Social Struggle. The chapters include: The Liberal-Marxist Fundamental Evil, Politics of Race, Population and Settlement, The Youth, The Peasant New Nobility and The Worker. Buy the 4 Book Set.

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Softcover, 49pp.

A reversal of all values set(s) in: what was good, now becomes bad, and what was bad, good. The heroic despised and the coward admired, the honest punished and the lazy rewarded. The decent person can only expect scorn, but the degenerate is praised. Strength experiences condemnation, but weakness glorification. The value in itself means nothing. In its place comes number, that means lesser value and no value. The historical past is just as infamously soiled as the historical future is denied without a care.