Live Bravely and Die Courageously


Translated from the Third Reich original Vom mutigen Leben und tapferen Sterben by Kurt Eggers. (After he died on the Russian front, a Waffen-SS regiment was named after this warrior poet of the Reich.) A list of the chapters pretty much describes the contents: The German, The Awakening of the Life Will, One’s Own Life, Overcoming, Reservation, Community, Valuation and Dialogue. The last chapter includes a fascinating dialogue. A lad asks a warrior the following questions: How should I pray?, Will things go well for me on this earth?, What is honor?, What is joy?, How does the strong view life?, What is the formula of the law? , How does the strong go to his death? The warrior’s answers certainly provide a fascinating and profound insight into his non-Christian life view. 

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SC. 58pp.

Whoever wants to strengthen the German, must force him to distress and deprivation. That is the secret of German nature: the German soul has never yet been endangered in wars, but often in cowardly times of peace. In prosperous times the German is unsuspecting and happy like a child. In such times it is easy for his enemies to tame him with theories and strange doctrines. Then they can dare to exploit him and force him to debasing slave tasks. German gullibility, upright trustfulness are the weakest spots in the fortress of German nature. One has taught the German that hatred is despicable. But the German has believed this teaching. Only late did he come to realize that genuine hatred is just as noble as genuine love.