Marsch Musik, Non-Stop – Volume One


Marsch Musik, Non-Stop. This is a collection of longer instrumental German march compositions, all recorded by the great German bands of the 1930’s, and transcribed from rare studio discs. The CD opens with a lengthy “performance” piece by the renown Grosses Blas-Orchester, led by the great Carl Woitschach, then Director of Music at the old Telefunken electronics firm. This is followed by a very unusual and wonderful rendition of Prussian compositions performed by the Berlin Philharmonic. Then, a short piece, possibly the oldest recording of a German march in existence, a very rare disc, cut by Berlin’s Garde-Kurassier Regiment in 1898! As finale, the marching-out of Berlin’s Guard Battalion, complete with barked commands and thundering percussion for added effect. And, as well all know and understand, they just don’t play these venerable old pieces the way they used to! This CD includes: 1. Historisches Marsch-Potpourri; 2. Friederich der Grosse Marschsammlung (Berlin Philharmonika); 3. Grosser Zapfenstreich (3./Preussischer Nachrichten-Abteilung); 4. Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch (Garde-Kürassier Regt./Berlin); 5. Aufziehen der Schlosswache (Wachbataillon/Berlin).

Oakleaf Records, founded in 1971, was the first to make these rare and often suppressed recordings available to American collectors. Over the years others have attempted, without success, to imitate our pioneering efforts. Note: These Oakleaf CDs were all made from the original audio cassettes. Apparently, the studio sometimes treated each “side” – as opposed to each “song” – as a “track”, resulting in only two tracks, even though all the songs are present.

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