Rudolf Hess Speaks: Volume Four – Liberation


translated from four speeches by Rudolf Hess between 1934 and 1937 about the liberation from the shackles of the Treaty of Versailles. The first speech is about the Saarland’s return to the German Reich. The second speech deals with the Wehrmacht’s re-occupation of the previously “de-militarized” Rhineland. The third and fourth speeches are directed at the ethnic Germans outside Germany. Buy the Full Set

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German folk comrades of the Saar!

The German folk today celebrates one of the most beautiful holidays in his history. All of German today unanimously celebrates, thankful and proud, the return of the Saar to the German motherland. The return on the basis of the impressive affirmation of January 13, 1935 documented before the whole world: the Saar is German – the Saar remains German!

I am happy to be allowed to celebrate the peaceful German victory here in the Saar region.

I am proud to be able to again relate Germany’s thanks to you Saarlanders for the fifteen year long struggle for your being German, to relate the thanks for the historically exemplarily bearing in which you have carried your burden for the past decade and a half – carried it for your narrower homeland and for all of our homeland, for Germany!

What a transformation since I last saw this land and this city! What a desperate mood back then in the first November days of 1918, in those blackest days of German history!

Folk comrade stood against folk comrade, one news report of shame and dishonor followed the other. Armistice conditions were made know to the world and accepted by Germany’s representatives such as were never before expected from a nation: all weapons, guns, planes, a fleet, were surrendered, German land turned over to foreigners. A few hours before the French entered the Saar, I left this city in a one-seater plane from the airport of St. Arnual. Deeply mournful in heart and close to desperation over the misfortune and shame of my land.

I did not suspect the incredible joy within me on the day when I would for the first time again see this German land and this city here.

Today is that day!

You were torn from us in times of Germany’s deepest shame! You were torn from us, because the German folk back then seemed to give up on itself. You were torn from us, because Germany renounced being a power, and other folks and their leaders believed they could treat this back then powerless land as they pleased. You were torn from us in violation of the most elemental right of self-determination – of a “self-determination of folks” which was spoken of as a phrase so much back then.

You return to us in a time when Germany has again regained its honor. You return, because the German folk has found itself again. You return, because Germany has again risen to be a power and is respected by the rest of the world!

You return due to the strength of your own desire through an affirmation of Germany that cannot be imaged any more impressive.

Fate wanted it that you return to a homeland which is worthy of you – worthy of your bearing in the fifteen years of suffering that lie behind you, worthy of your love for this homeland, which you have shown to the world in the days of decision.