SS Creed – Volume Three: Blood


Translated from original SS publications. Specially, these articles come from the January and March 1939 issues of the SS Leitheft. They deal with the significance of blood and even blood type, selection and reverse selection, the causes for the death of a folk, perpetuation of the clan and the duty of German youth to ensure the survival of their folk. The original illustrations are also included. 

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SC. 52pp.

A decade ago people of our folk as well still even believed in a necessary decline. Oswald Spengler’s prophecy that the occident had to decline due to fate, was held to be true by the weaklings and cowards, who no longer possessed any faith in life. They did not see the mistake and the errors in Spengler’s line of thought, which spoke loudly and urgently of the fateful decline of all Europe’s folks. Spengler claimed: According to an inner law every folk and its culture must one day die, after it has lived through its youth and its peak time. Like a tree or a person ages in order to then necessarily perish, so must a folk also age and finally die.

The comparison of a folk with the coming and passing of an individual tree or an individual person, however, is false. For each organism receives with birth new, young life and fresh life energy. This is, after all, the miracle of life, the sacred secret in procreation and birth, that through the continued procreation eternal youth and the renewal of life is possible. The life of the individual is limited, the individual ages and must die. The individual tree comes and passes away, but the forests are eternal. The individual person as well comes and must pass away, but the folks live eternally!

Folks need not die like the individual person or the tree, but folks can die.

There are three natural causes for the death of a folk. History teaches that as well as the present. The culture folks of antiquity did not die in accordance with a fate which cannot be proven, rather because they violated the divine laws of life.

The Führer once said: “Man should never make the mistake of believing that he has advanced to master over nature, rather he must understand the fundamental necessity of nature’s rule and comprehend how his existence as well is subservient to these laws of eternal struggle upward. He will then feel that – in a world where planets and suns orbit, moons orbit around planets, in which strength is always master over weakness and forces it to be an obedient servant or destroys it – there can be no special laws for man. The eternal principles of this wisdom apply to him as well. He can try to grasp them, but he can never separate himself from them.”

Life wants the eternal triumph of the strong and healthy over the weak and sick. The wisdom of nature hence created three principles:

First: The living must always profusely breed new life.

Second: In the struggle of life, only the capable preserves himself. Through constant selection of the strong, the weak and inferior perishes.

Third: In all of nature the breeds remain loyal to themselves. Breed belongs to breed.

The folks who perished in history violated the wisdom and causality of nature. The natural causes of their decline and extinction are thus:

First: Violation against the duty to numerous profuse self-preservation.

Second: Violation against the law of natural selection.

Third: Violation of the demand for keeping pure of the breed, the keeping healthy of the blood.