SS Viewpoint – Volume Seven: SS Lead Articles 1943-1945


Translated from the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps, select articles from 1941 to 1945. Each volume is focused on a specific theme. If you enjoyed our SS Culture and SS Creed series, you’ll enjoy this series as well.

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Each SC volume has 40-51pp.

We may argue about whether mistakes were made and who made them. We may argue about the paths that led us out of distress and mortal danger into the future. But all this can only happen within the power sphere of a greater spirit and a reason that, after all, thinks more clearly than our own.

So let us contently argue about what the Führer knows and what he will probably do. But only a fool talks beyond the limits of his ability to comprehend. And whoever plans to criticize the Führer should add that he holds himself more significant and more clever than Adolf Hitler and that he would better bear the burden of responsibility and that the essence of the Germans and the conscience of the nation are more perfectly embodied in him.

There must be a final court for our thinking and acting, from which criticism is reflected and on which our faith has a solid support. Whoever drags it down into the sphere of his own capacity for comprehension or whoever flees past it into a metaphysical cloud will be the poorest among the poor, the most tormented about the tormented, the most fearful among the fearing.

For he does not have the solid support that is named Adolf Hitler.

His birthday will in this year as well only be a day of heavy fighting and great suffering, a day that sees us worry about the Reich and struggle for the intactness of our faith. And the Führer as well will on this day give himself no rest and nobody will be able to relieve him of even one of his cares.

But he will feel the waves of confidence and courageous faith that on such a day of reflection and inner composure break forth from even despairing hearts.

He must know that we love him more than ever and that we need him more than ever and that our wish comes from the deepest conviction:

Long live the Führer, because Germany must live!

Das Schwarze Korps
April 12, 1945