The Sins of High Finance


translated from the rare 1927 German original Die Sünden der Großfinanz by Theodor Fritsch. Fritsch was one of the most famous anti-Jewish authors of that era.

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Our generation faces all kinds of puzzles. While our intellect can brag of amazing progress in science and technology, while the outer facet of life strives toward ever new perfection, we perceive on the other hand depressing manifestations that put the future of the whole of mankind into question. Aside from the unmistakable bodily deformation of the civilized nations, which expresses itself in decrease of births, weakening of physical and mental constitution, increase of sickness and frailty, a frightening moral decline moves along. The increase of crime creates a total insecurity of life; feeling of duty and conscience are hardly still known; the social sense that commands the human being to feel himself as member of a large community – in the consciousness that to its thriving his own is tied, diminishes more and more. A coarse self-interest, which lets any other consideration be forgotten beyond one’s own advantage, dares to show itself ever more shamelessly. The corruption encompasses all circles down to those professions which as representatives of state power are supposed to present good examples to the folk: higher officialdom.

No less serious is the wildness of the youth, which panders to all kinds of excesses, which often escalates to the total destruction of racial energy and manifest themselves in the uncanny increase of sexual diseases. Although a portion of these depressing manifestations may be traced back to the after effects of the ruinous Great War, the careful observer must nonetheless admit that the foundations for the decomposition manifestations were present already before the war. If one adds the social and political carelessness that divides the whole folk into innumerous hostile camps, which view their main goal in reciprocal injury and annihilation, then not just optimism, rather mental blindness is required in view of these facts to comfort oneself in lack of worry – or the intentional will to keep the stupid mass in self-deception over these things in order to seek one’s own advantage in the increasing confusion.

For the clarification of these manifestations, many create a comfortable mental escape, in that they designate all this as the unavoidable consequences of “development”. They speak of degeneration and decay that they portray as the self-evident results of human culture. Because a number of old folks and states of the occidental circle of culture perished from such decay, they want to view this manifestation as a kind of law of nature. They forget in the process that the folks of East Asia, Chinese and Japanese, look back at a 4,000 year history and still prove themselves quite virile. They also forget that a folk tribe among us brags of a 3,000 year history and is in no way inclined to leave life’s stage, rather precisely now sets about unfolding its greatest life energy.

Hence quite special circumstances must play a role, if folks that achieved an uncommon cultural height, such as the Egyptians, Sumerians, Indians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, went into an abrupt decline. We will become acquainted with the causes of the same, but simultaneously we will have to admit that – out of ignorance of certain psychological and ethnological facts –we are in the process of imitating the mistakes of the old, fallen folks.

Given a detailed illumination of all accompanying manifestations, we will discover that the source of the deformation of our culture is ultimately to be sought in economic connections: in the degeneration of the essence of capital. I do not hesitate to trace the great portion of all manifestations shaming and undermining present-day mankind to one cause: the unscrupulous rule of the money people.

The decline of the old culture folks always went hand in hand with the degenerating money economy, which was always accompanied by increasing corruption, moral degeneracy, race-mixing and racial decay. We are moving on the same track.