545 S-01-02 Adolf Hitler Speaks to His Youth – Selected Quotations


Self-explanatory. The quotations come from his speeches, not from “Mein Kampf”.

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1936 Party Day in Nuremberg

My German Youth!

You have the good fortunate to be witnesses of a tumultuous and great era. Not every generation has been able to do that. When I think back to my own time and the time of my own youth, it seems truly empty compared to what fills the present era and the present youth as well, and compared to the tasks that this era places on us and on the present youth. It is truly wonderful to live in such an era and to grow up in it and develop. You have this great joy!

You do not experience the resurrection of a state, for you have not known the old Reich. You experience the birth of a great era that you can judge through comparison with the surrounding world! How our present Germany has again become beautiful and magnificent! Your young eyes can see this as well. Today this German is splendid and wonderful in its order, in its great discipline and in its overwhelming accomplishments of work! How do we fell again that great works emerge around us that can stand next to the greatest accomplishments of our German history! All of us know it: What we create will be able to endure along side our old cathedrals, along side the palaces of our old emperors, along side our great city halls of the past.

Germany works again for a great national future, and we do not only experience it, rather all of us participate in this creation. One perhaps sees this best when as a comparison we look away at another country. Here are the results of a wonderful order that is filled with truly fresh life – there in the other country it is filled with atrocities, murder and arson, destruction and upheaval, not with life, rather with horror, desperation, pain and misery. You can measure how great the difference is between the world surrounding us and our present Germany! That this is so, however, we do not owe to a coincidence or to standing idle and waiting for a miracle. The only miracle that has given us this new national resurgence is the faith in our own people, the conviction that this thousand year old people cannot perish, that we must lift it and work on it.

We must shape the fate of our people as we wish to see and experience it!

What we are today, we have become thanks to the perseverance of our own will! Providence gives the strong, the brave, the courageous, the industrious, the decent and the disciplined the reward for their sacrifice. For years this Germany had not lived, but what today stands in front of us is Germany again!

This new Reich has arisen from immeasurable community work, from sacrifice and from devotion. Its flags have prevailed, the flags of affirmation of the ideals of a people. Today millions and millions work and place stone onto stone for the great foundation of our national house, of our national temple.

But what would this work amount to if it were confined to one generation? As we worked decade after decade for Germany, many of us became gray. That was a wonderful old guard, my comrades. I am one of the few joyful ones in the world who has known highest loyalty, highest comradeship and highest sacrifice-readiness. This old guard again started the march, when Germany was the poorest, in the belief in the eternal national richness of our nation. This guard gave its pennies at a time when it was very poor itself. This guard came from all segments of our people in order to prove that the eternal worth of a nation lies neither in what is external nor in the name nor in the background nor in the position nor in wealth nor even in so-called knowledge!

The German heart opened itself to me and devoted itself to Germany!

The years of struggle have not failed to leave their mark on this old guard. But its spirit has remained alive as its faith has always remained unshakable: We must succeed! Germany will rise again!

Now we see the great time of awakening everywhere in Germany, the era of reconstruction, the era of creation and work. But that alone is not the guarantee of an ongoing and thus real resurrection. I feel that Germany has found itself again. I see that when I look at you!

For a new youth has arisen in you, filled with other ideals than the youth of my time, filled with a more holy faith than the generation before us. A new youth has come with different views, with different concept of the beauty of youth and of the strength of youth. I still see them in front of my eyes, the youth of the past. Only in pleasure did they think they were strong. They believed they could stress their national pride just in phrases, a youth where the young man figured he could become an example for his people through consumption of the largest possible quantity of alcohol. No, my young friends! Today a wonderful generation grows up among us! You are a more beautiful vision than the past offered and even taught us. A new type of beauty has emerged. No longer the beer philistine, rather the slender, slim lad is the ideal of our period, who stands on this earth with firm legs, healthy in body and soul. German girls also grow up next to the boys.

Perhaps that is the great miracle of our era: buildings arise, factories are founded, streets are paved, train stations are built, but above all of that grows a new German man! When I look at you, filled with the most joyous feelings, when I look into your eyes, then I know: my life’s struggle has not been fought in vain, my work has not been in vain! It will live on in this flag and its young bearers and a worthy generation will one day stand ready to replace us.

You will be men like the great generation of the war was. You will be brave and courageous like your older brothers and your fathers have been. You will be loyal like Germans could be back then. But you will see the fatherland with totally different eyes than we, unfortunately, once had to see it. You will learn a different devotion to the eternal Reich and to the eternal people.

Five years have passed since your leader, my old party comrade Schirach, who himself came from the youth, took over your education and formation. Back then it was a weak, modest start, but already today it is a wonderful fulfillment! This should be our admonishment and our comfort for the future. If we have accomplished this miracle in five years, then the coming five, ten, twenty and hundred years will really solidify this miracle!

Generation will replace generation in tasks and fulfillment, and again and again a new youth will assembly in this city. It will become ever stronger, ever more energetic and ever more healthy and give the living generation ever greater hope for the future. We want to unite our common wishes for this future; it should bring our people joy and blessing; it should let them live and bring ruination to those who wish to disturb this life. We live in a tumultuous era. But we do not complain. We are accustomed to struggling, for we have come from struggle. We wish to firmly place our feet on the earth and we will not be fallen by any storm. And you will stand next to me if this hour should ever come! You will stand in front of me, to my side and behind me, and you will hold our flags high!