The Subhuman


Translated from the rare original SS picture book “Der Untermensch”.

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SC. 51pp. 

As long as there are men on the earth, the struggle between man and subhuman with be the historical rule; this Jewish-led struggle against the folks, as far back as we can look, belongs to the natural course of life on our planet. One can safely be convinced that this struggle for life and death is just as much a law of nature as the struggle of an infection against a healthy body.”

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler 1935

Just like night rises against day, just like light and shadow are eternally hostile – so is the greatest enemy of world-dominating man, man himself.

The subhuman – that biologically apparently same shaped creation of nature with hands, feet and a kind of brain, with eyes and mouth, is nonetheless a totally different, a terrible creature, is only an approximation of man, with human-like facial features – spiritually, psychologically, however, standing lower than any animal. Inside this being a chaos of wild, uninhibited passions: nameless will to destruction, most primitive desires, most undisguised baseness.

Subhuman – nothing else!

For not everything with a human face is equal.

Woe to whomever forgets that!

Whatever this earth possesses in great works, ideas and arts – man has conceived, created and perfected it; he reflected and invented, for him there was only one goal: to work his way upward into a higher existence, to shape the inadequate, to replace the insufficient with something better.

So developed culture.

So developed the plough, the tool, the house.

So did man become social, so developed family, so developed folk, so developed state. So did man become good and great. So did he rise far above all living beings.

So did he become second to God!

But the subhuman also lived. He hated the work of the other. He raged against it, secretly as thief, openly as slanderer – as murderer. He associated with his own kind.

The beast called the beast.

Never did the subhuman give peace, never did he give rest. For he needed the half-dark, chaos.

He shunned the light of cultural progress.

He needed for self-preservation the swamp, hell, but not the sun.

And this underworld of subhumans found its leader: the eternal Jew!

He understood them, he knew what they wanted. He fed their most base lusts and desires, he let the terror come over humanity.

It began in the historical time of the annihilation of the Persians, the Purim Fest, the first glorification of organized mass murder. 75,000 Aryan Persians fell victim to Jewish hatred. Even today, Jewry celebrates this deed of horror as its greatest “religious” holiday.

Eternal is the hatred of the subhuman against the light figures, the carriers of light. Eternally does the decline of the west threaten from the deserts.

Eternally do the powers of destruction gather together in the distant steppe, do Attila and Jenghiz Khan mass their hun hordes and race across Europe, leaving behind a living apocalypse, fire and death, rape, murder and terror, so that the world of light and thousand-fold knowledge, the powers of progress and human greatness, sink back into the abyss of primeval condition.

Eternal is the subhuman’s desire:

That it again becomes desert, where the light of sublime knowledge creatively illuminates the darkness, then his final goal would be achieved, chaos.

So does the struggle of both opposites happen for millennia in accordance to terrible, incalculable laws; again and again there is an Attila, a Jenghiz Khan, who rips open Europe’s gate, who knows only one thing: the total destruction of everything beautiful!

The embodiment of this will for destruction is today called Bolshevism! But this Bolshevism is not a manifestation of our time. It is not a product of our days! It is also nothing new in the framework of human history. Rather it is as old as the Jew himself. His pioneers are named Lenin – Stalin.

“The leading minds in a folk are butchered, and then it comes into governmental, economical, cultural, spiritual, psychological and bodily slavery. The rest of the folk, robbed of its own value through countless blood mixtures – becomes deformed – and in the historically short course of centuries one knows at best that such a folk had once existed.”

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler 1935