You and Your Folk


Translated from the Third Reich original Du und Dein Volk. Given to German boys and girls when they finished basic school, this booklet summarizes basic concepts such as folk, fatherland, Reich, race, duty, comradeship and patriotism. Most of all, it encourages them to become productive members of the folk community, parents of healthy families and devote their life energy to Germany. Inspirational examples throughout history and quotations from German literature (whose beauty unfortunately is diminished in translation) reinforce the central ideas. Furthermore, they provide the contemporary reader with an indication of the moral and spiritual maturity of the youth in Nazi Germany.

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Softcover. 52pp.

German Boys and Girls!

Germany fights for its existence! It is a matter of life or death! We experience the most decisive years in German history. The German soldier has won great victories on all fronts in heavy fighting. The homeland helps, with self-sacrificing toil, to create the bread and weapons for this struggle. The entire folk stands in a solid front and forms a tight community of fate that recognizes only one goal: VICTORY!

This victory, German youth, will give you a more beautiful and peaceful future. You must one day complete this Reich, won with so much sweat and blood, and secure its eternal existence. You must devote your whole life to this National Socialist Germany, unbending in your will and strong in your faith. Never before has a young generation been given such great tasks as yours. We believe in and build on you, so that you will master and fulfill them.

School has provided you with many tools to direct your youthful energy and make you strong, formed your character, and endowed you with the essential will for the struggle of life.

This little remembrance booklet stands under the sign of a great goal. It offers direction and guidance in verse and in short stories, wishes to give you footing and help along this path.

Now join the great, strong front of all productive people, fulfill your duties for Führer and folk, so that Germany will live forever.

Heil Hitler!

Gauleiter of Bavarian Austria, Reichswalter of the NSLB.