Reinhard Heydrich: The Ideal National Socialist


Translated from THREE original Schutzstaffel publications. It includes articles and speeches by Heydrich himself, articles about Heydrich, eulogies to Heydrich by Hitler, Himmler, Daluege and Bormann.

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40pp. Softcover.

We must work on ourselves. Through ceaseless self-discipline, we must anchor and secure in ourselves the eternal principles of the worldview given us by the Führer. We must first standardize ourselves spiritually, so each thinks the same about the opponent, equally rejects him without making personally egocentric and sympathetic exceptions. In order to preserve our folk, we must be very hard toward the opponent, even at the risk of sometimes hurting an individual opponent as a human or appearing to many certainly well meaning people to be undisciplined brutes. If we do not fulfill our historical task as National Socialists, because we are too objective and humane, one will nonetheless not grant us moderating circumstances. It will only be said: They did not fulfill their task before history. If somebody is our conscious opponent, he must be defeated subjectively and without exception. If for example every German out of pity excludes even just “one decent” Jew or Freemason from the fight, that would mean 60 million exceptions. – Reinhard Heydrich