560 S-01-03 The SS Calls You!


Translated from an original SS / Third Reich recruitment book aimed at youth and their parents. Describes Waffen-SS career options, training, promotion opportunity, SS war stories (including anti-partisan activity by the security police on the eastern front) and Waffen-SS / Heer (army) rank comparison.

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Softcover. 89pp. 

Published by the Reichsführer-SS

SS-Hauptamt, Berlin-Wilmersdorf 1, Hohenzollerndamm 31

When I speak of this infantry, I wish today to first of all especially stress the ever constant and exemplary courage and hardness of my good SS divisions and SS police units. I have always viewed them as an unshakable troop – as obedient, loyal and brave in war as they swore to be in peace. – Adolf Hitler, 26 April 1942

German Lad!

This SS publication is aimed at you, our young front fighters of tomorrow. You should become more familiar with the spirit which the SS is endowed, with the leadership, organization, equipment and weapons of the troop that stands especially close to the Führer and that has a proud role in the German victories in the west and the east, in the north and the south.

You know that is it the duty of every German to be a soldier and to prove himself as a soldier. But those young German who stand out from the rest in bearing and character want to be more than soldiers; they do not want to wait until they are drafted; they want to fight as volunteers.

The special tasks of the Schutzstaffel require the unchanging laws of selection to be applied and the most valuable forces to be won for the SS. Full of confidence, the young German should undergo the suitability examination to see whether he is suited for the Waffen-SS and healthy. Even if rejected, many possibilities remain to be fully utilized for the nation.

One often says the men of the Waffen-SS are real go-getters. That is true, but not in the sense that action in the SS is not based on careful planning and superior leadership. The Waffen-SS officers are all a hundredfold proven, experienced and schooled men. The losses of the Waffen-SS correspond to the hardness of the action, but they are percent-wise neither higher nor lower than those of other army units.

If you follow the call of the SS and as a volunteer enter the ranks of the great front of the SS divisions, you will belong to a troop that since the very start has aimed at special accomplishment and which has hence developed a comradeship of special depth. You will be an arms-bearer in a troop that comprises the most valuable forces of the young German generation. Beyond that you are especially bound to the National Socialist worldview. Your comrades come from all German provinces and ethnic German areas. In its ideological extension, the Waffen-SS also embraces volunteers of other Germanic countries. This military community with SS comrades from Norway, Denmark, Holland and Flanders as well as the volunteers from Finland is a great contribution to the realization of that new community of fate in Europe for which this core troop has made itself the champion and embodiment.

The youth of the National Socialist Reich know that they must themselves make an effort in order to perform their military service in the Waffen-SS. That so many young Germans volunteer for the Waffen-SS is strong testimony for the trust the present young generation places especially in the Waffen-SS, its spirit and above all its leadership. But it is also a proud proof for the ideologically firm bearing of this German youth, that they have understood the purpose of the struggle of the SS and know precisely why the Waffen-SS forms a community especially obligated to the Führer. So on your belt buckle the motto stands that the Führer himself awarded to his SS on April 1, 1931: