547-09 S-03-02 SS Culture – Volume Nine: Great Kings


Translated from original SS publications. The articles include Kaiser Friedrich II, Kaiser Heinrich I, Duke Heinrich II of Silesia, King Karl XII of Sweden, Geiserich and Friedrich the Great.

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SC. 52pp.

“We have today a glorious history behind us and one likes to draw comparisons with this history. It in German heroes have often fought, apparently hopelessly outnumbered. We should not, however, make any comparisons with the period of Friedrich the Great. We have no right for that… Friedrich the Great had to fight against a superior force that was downright crushing. When he waged the First Silesian War, 2.7 million Prussians stood against a state of then 15 million. When he was forced to wage the third war in seven years, 3.7 or 3.8 million Prussians faced 50 or 54 million others.

“One man with an iron will held the banner high through all setbacks and never failed his folk, and when he felt like giving up, he always pulled himself together and then again took the flag into his strong hand.

“What do we want to say about ourselves today?”

Adolf Hitler on January 30, 1942