563 S-01-03 SS Guidelines for Adolf Hitler’s Birthday


Translated from the SS original published by the Reichsführer-SS in 1943. Instructs how to properly celebrate the Führer’s birthday on April 20 (which was a national holiday in Nazi Germany).

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Softcover. 76pp. 

20 April

Special publication regarding the organization of celebrations for the Führer’s Birthday

Published by the Reichsführer-SS / SS Main Office

I am a German. I believe in my folk. I believe in its honor. I believe in its future. I believe in its right and I stand up for this right. I stand up for its freedom and hence for a better peace than the peace of misfortune and hatred of the past. I believe this. I affirm this in the name of my folk before the whole world.

The Führer on March 22, 1935 in Breslau

 For the fourth time the Führer experiences his birthday in war. More than usual, our thoughts turn to him on this April 20, 1943 with love and admiration, loyalty and gratitude, determined battle-readiness and self-evident obedience. Although we cannot honor him with exuberant joy, our wishes for him and his difficult path nonetheless come from the deepest heart and unshakeable trust. His image and the greatness of his life stand before us unchanged.

When after a four year long struggle against a world full of enemies night and distress feel upon our folk, the Führer hoisted his flag, that through him and his movement became the symbol of rebirth and new German greatness. Like a titan from the sagas he stood against collapse and treason, against all dangers and resistance and enemies without number. His struggle, his idea and the strength of his faith created out of the collapse of 1918 the resurrection of the nation. Out of party feuds and division he led the folk toward unity and freedom and won its right. Through him it won back its folk honor, its mighty armed forces and the proud will for life. He broke and chains of Versailles and St. Germain. What for centuries had been the highest yearning and the proud dream of the best Germans, he accomplished it: the Reich as the common homeland for all people of German blood and German language. He filled 80 million people with the will and the strength of the German mission in the heart of the European continent. If he was once the nameless soldier in our nation’s struggle for existence, he became – proclaiming and fighting – its awakener, creator and shaper of its future. Centuries after us with link his name with the greatest German epoch of destiny and admiringly bow before his genius in reverence; for his whole life war a single service for folk and Reich.

But now, when he is again the first soldier of the Reich and at the same time its field commander – securing the future and the existence of the German people against every threat – we stand behind him with brave hearts, knowing that through him victory must come to us. He gives us the example of an sacrificing, heroic life. His example is constant call and entreatment to us. His will should hence be our will and his faith our faith.

The simple celebrations we wish to hold on his birthday will be renewed affirmation of loyalty and msot sacred oath of loyalty:

“Führer command – we follow!”