SS Creed – Volume One: England


Translated from SS originals. The first nine articles come from one double issue (8/9, 1942) of the SS magazine Germanische Leithefte, which was aimed primarily at non-German volunteers of the Waffen-SS. They cover social injustice and racial decay in England; the latter includes Jewish penetration of the aristocracy and the dying out of blondes in big cities. The last two articles come from another SS magazine, SS Leitheft. Although pre-war (1939), they deal with England’s global imperialism. The original illustrations are also included. 

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SC. 51pp.

Who Wants to Dominate the World?

“We treat foreign nations very shamelessly. We demand the adherence to international law, when it is useful to us; in the other case we totally ignore it. The history of maritime law, which I want to call maritime injustice, is an inextinguishable witness to the unbridled egoism and greed of the English folk and its government.” – Lord Derby, 1857

One can put these words and sentences of Lord Derby over English history from the ancient beginning to the present without doing an injustice to the English. The Englishman, even the Englishman of today, has invented a somewhat shorter, but not thereby weaker saying about these methods: “Right or wrong my country”. Translated, this means that everything useful to his country is fine and good, even if it is in itself an injustice and a crime. Under this motto, the English world empire was forged. Whether a Francis Drake right in the middle of peace time attacked and plundered Spanish ships and sold their crews into slavery, whether one cut off the hands of weavers in India so that English manufacturers could get rid of their cotton, whether one in the middle of peace bombarded and set ablaze Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and took away the Danish fleet, or whether during the World War one promised Palestine to three different buyers, that was always: “right or wrong my country”.