547-04 S-03-02 SS Culture – Volume Four: SS Woman


Translated from original SS publications. The articles extol the ideal SS woman as wife and mother. They are arranged in the chronological order of the SS magazine issues where they appeared, ranging from volume seven in 1941 to volume ten in 1944. The original illustrations are also included. 

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SC. 50pp.

But wait, my love! First I must thank you! No, do not resist; it is now about the eternal. The front shows everything, even the most intimate, in a new light. I could again be with you, with you and the children, and spring blossoms around us. It was so rarely beautiful. Fancy words are not valued much out here, and between the two of us – how do they belong there? Nonetheless: I have never known the meaning of our struggle more deeply and more bindingly. You and the children and our common home: Is it not a small part, a cell of our greater, beautiful, German fatherland? I want to thank you above all for your still and self-evident courage, of which I know well that it weighs no less than the courage of the soldier. My thoughts are often with you, my love, with you and with our shared past.