547-08 S-03-02 SS Culture – Volume Eight: Saga and Song


Translated from original SS publications. The articles are primarily Nordic sagas and Germanic songs as well as articles about them. 

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SC, 51pp.

When Nordic man swears loyalty to another, he keeps it to the last breath. That we know, and we do it, too. We think about the great things, think about the loyalty we owe Führer and folk. That is rightly so. For they come first. But we are not loyal to them alone, we are loyal in all things that we do. We simply cannot do otherwise, even if we are not clearly conscious of it, because it is a special trait of Nordic man to maintain loyalty. Our ancestors, whose blood flows in our veins, were already so, and our children will also be so. Just look at them, the old heroes from Thule, and hear of their deeds! It is a chain, a single chain of ever repeating loyalty, which runs through their lives and their battles. Yes, through their lives. The man keeps loyalty to his leader and the leader to the man, the friend to the friend, and to the friend of his friend, and also the spouses to one another, to the death and even beyond it. Not high words resound toward us from the sagas, but a single, unspoken affirmation that is greater than all words: loyalty!