SS Creed – Volume Four: Jews


Translated from original SS publications. The articles deal with Karl August von Hardenberg, Maximilian Harden, the Herschel Grünspan trial, Jewish swindle in construction in Imperial Germany, Jewish Bolshevism in the Soviet Union and the First Book of Moses. The original illustrations are also included. 

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SC. 51pp.

The doctrine developed by the Jew Mardochai, camouflaged as Karl Marx, so-called Marxism, and in its further development Bolshevism, claim that man’s development, his worth or worthlessness, is determined solely by the external influences during his life. If thus, to take an example, somebody is especially powerful, big and strong, then the Marxist sees that just as the result of good nutrition and care. Likewise, he also views better character exclusively as the result of better education. He thus overvalues external influence as opposed to the effect of genes.

He represents an unnatural standpoint in that he claims the original equality of all human beings, although the exact opposite is the case. The life struggle, exactly like the struggle of creatures out there in nature, only allows the most capable to rise. The weakling either perishes or must live in the shadow of the greater.

There will never be any form of freedom in a state of general equality, because the talented person will always have to bend to a minority of the untalented or of the inferior.

The Jewish leaders of Marxism also know that perfectly. For they themselves descend from a race which since ancient times precisely knows and follows the laws of selection and heredity. They know very well that a general equality and thus rule by the masses cannot exist, that instead only individuals are called to rule. For the sake of their own claim to power and leadership, however, they present to the folks the possibility of a general equality and everywhere employ agitation and attack, where social differences, as a result of deficient governmental supervision, have become especially crass.

In Russia they succeeded in coming to power. And it immediately became clear that they did not plan to put the goals and principles of Marxist doctrine into practice. Under the pretext of extinguishing capitalism, they brutally and systematically exterminated everybody who was capable, creative and decent in this land. Russia’s Aryan leadership stratum, which contained a substantial percentage of Germanic blood, thus perished and with it for all time also its good genes.