683-905 S-07-01 Attack – 5 Volume Set


by Dr. Joseph Goebbels is translated from the Third Reich original Der Angriff: Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit. This collection of essays written between 1927 and 1930 was originally published in 1936.


Five volumes. Softcover.

Here is an excerpt from the fifth volume:

It is the story of a Jew who did not want to look so.

It is the story of his self-deserved embarrassment.

He forbade one to call him Isidor, for his name was Bernhard, hence Bear Heart. That mobilized all the laughers.

He showed himself mornings as gentleman rider in the Tiergarten and evenings in the paddy wagon chased National Socialists, for he felt himself very much as Police Vice-President of Berlin.

He had himself photographed at midnight with fashionable ladies and not quite honorable women and in bright daylight was beaten with rubber clubs by his own police officials, because they did not believe their superior could look like that.

He became suddenly famous due to his extraordinary nose, but despite that he did not have the slightest scent for what approached with the National Socialists.

So he was the dummy after all, who was accompanied by hatred and scorn wherever he showed himself.