God and Folk – Soldierly Affirmation


translated from the Third Reich original Gott und Volk – Soldatisches Bekenntnis, which was published by the Theodor Fritsch Verlag in Berlin. The author describes himself as a youth of the Weimar Republic generation, soldier and National Socialist activist. But his name is not provided. Christianity is rejected. Service to the God-given folk is proclaimed true meaning of life and ultimate religious act. Fulfillment of duty replaces salvation and heaven. And honor outweighs love. The chapter titles are: Our Path, Decision, Revolution of the Soul, God, Germany, Life, Death, Duty, Honor, Love, Hate, Guilt, Our Task.

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Softcover. 72pp.

Our faith is carried by two ideas: God and folk. They are the holiest and highest ideas that we know. As old as the human species is the question about the deepest sources of our life. As long as human beings exist, they have pondered and searched: Who is God? Where is God? Some found him in light, in nature, in life. Their religions have been young and strong, because they derive from the eternal. And only healthy and strong folks could be bearers of this healthy faith.

Others have not penetrated so deep. Because their hearts no longer pulsed pure and powerful, because their blood was poisoned. Or because their nature demanded a Biblical God. How could a folk in whose land “milk and honey flowed”, to whom heaven brought the harvest with arms spread wide, achieve that serious faith of fate [Schickalsglaube] of Nordic man, who struggled with the earth and with his fate. The oriental, from whose homeland Christianity came to us, has only remained an observer of God. His soul has never been able to soar into those pure heights in which Nordic man strides powerful and devout. Since he never had to win his God over doubting and seeking, rather just saw how he bestowed and punished, his last question went: Who is God? So he created for himself an image of that power that we dare only to surmise. He gave him the shape and language and the weaknesses and strengths of human spirit. He forced the divinity into letters and formulas. And a Christian church finally set them into chains. God just was no longer a clever, powerful being in human form, who sat on his throne up there in heaven as a kind father or punishing master, with whom one could talk and trade, yes, whom one could deceive and trick. The “Holy Scriptures” are full of such blasphemy. The Christian God is derived from this Jewish God of imperfection. The dear, all-knowing father, who also sits in heaven and gave his commandments to us sinful earth worms.