Adolf Hitler Speaks – Volume Four: Scientific Ethics


Adolf Hitler Speaks is translated from original Third Reich material, specifically excerpts from his speeches between 1922 and 1935. This fourth volume deals with Scientific Ethics (in the original The Scientific-Ethical Evaluation.) The chapters include: The Historical World-View Mental Equipment, Culture-Politics, Law, Religion and Mastered Fate.

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Softcover, 50pp. 

We have the so-called “White race”, which since the collapse of the world of antiquity in the course of roughly a thousand years has gained a position of advantage for itself in the world. I cannot comprehend the economically privileged position of mastery of the White race compared to the rest of the world, if I do not bring it into the closest connection to a political view of mastery, which has belonged to the White race as something self-evident for many centuries and which has been represented by it outwardly.

Lecture of January 27, 1932 in Düsseldorf