Charles Lindbergh Addresses the Nation


Charles Lindbergh Addresses the Nation. He was America’s aviation hero, first to fly the Atlantic solo, in 1927. Col. Charles A. Lindbergh was also the leading voice of America’s non-intervention movement in the years immediately before World War Two. As spokesman for the America First Committee, Lindbergh went before the radio microphone to urge common sense and honest political behavior by America’s leaders as war was being planned against the new Europe by International bankers and Soviet Communist barbarians. Here are four addresses made directly to the American people: two short talks from studio recordings; a “remote” recording of an open-air rally in Chicago; an “on location” recording of the huge rally at New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden, packed to capacity, when 22,000 came to honor and applaud him. This CD contains the following four addresses: 1. Radio Address, October 13, 1939: “Neutrality and War”; 2. Speech at America First Rally, Soldier Field, Chicago, August 4, 1940: “Our Relationship with Europe”; 3. Radio Address, October 14, 1940; 4. America First Rally, Madison Square Garden, New York City, May 23, 1941.

Oakleaf Records, founded in 1971, was the first to make these rare and often suppressed recordings available to American collectors. Over the years others have attempted, without success, to imitate our pioneering efforts. Note: These Oakleaf CDs were all made from the original audio cassettes. Apparently, the studio sometimes treated each “side” – as opposed to each “song” – as a “track”, resulting in only two tracks, even though all the songs are present.

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