God’s Law


Anton Holzner (the pseudonym for SS-Sturmbannführer Albert Hartl) was a former Catholic priest (!) who left the priesthood and the church and became an SS officer!

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Providence rules over the fate of people and folks.

This affirmation of a higher power should stand at the beginning of this book.

Countless Germans – laymen, priests and monks – have waged the most difficult inner and outer struggles for their simple belief in a God since natural German faith has been supplanted by foreign missionaries.

Millions of people struggle today for the Almighty and his laws. “God’s Law” reports of this.

This account has grown from my own personal experience and the same experiences of more than a dozen friends – former Catholic priests and monks – which correspond to reality in their overall result and in their individual features. My wife, who stood at my side in building a new world, also participated in the composition of this publication.

Natural faith incorporates the highest moral responsible within it.

From that arose the obligation to publish this book.

Anton Holzner