by Kurt Eggers. Translated from the Third Reich original Von der Feindschaft. Chapters include: Comrades!, Our World, Pain and Being Able to Be Enemy! The original illustrations are included.

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Softcover. 42pp.

Already the defense against the attack of the environment hostile to us demands from us the mobilization of the will, readiness.

But whoever wants to be master of his life and shaper of his fate, for him, it does not suffice that his energies are employed only for the defense. He must, beyond that, stride to the aggressive deed.

But every step is threatened by danger, arouses the hostility of others, leads into adventures and distresses, encounters obstacles.

It is not surprising that the weak are not up to this advance and prefer the security, the safety of rest to the uncertainty and adventurousness of wandering.

But the resting one does not reach the goal of life, the fulfillment of the great duty, rather simply only the striding one, the growing one, the one becoming stronger through overcoming.