IL DUCE! Songs of Italian Fascism


Il Duce! Songs of Italian Fascism 1922-1943. Nothing is closer to the Italian heart than music, the more melodic and expressive the better. And so it was during the Fascist era. The Oakleaf Collection presents this overview of military and political songs, all from rare, original 78 rpm discs produced by the Fascist regime, 1922-1943. Also included are the songs of the various youth and student organizations, written and promoted to build civilian morale and codify the Spirit of the Age. This CD includes: 1. Fanfare. TO ARMS! 2. SONG OF VICTORY; 3. HYMN TO ROME; 4. Mussolini speech excerpt; 5. MEDITERRANEAN SONG; 6. DAUGHTERS OF THE WOLF; 7. ITALIAN GIRLS; 8. BALILLA; 9. YOUNG FASCISTS; 10. HYMN OF THE UNIVERSITY FASCISTS; 11. IMPERIAL WINGS; 12. Mussolini speech excerpt; 13. MARCH OF THE LEGION; 14. Mussolini speech excerpt – News Commentary in English; 15. ROMAN STEP MARCH; 16. Mussolini speech excerpt; 17. THE EMPIRE; 18. BATTALION M; 19. LILI MARLENE; 20. GIOVINEZZA.

Oakleaf Records, founded in 1971, was the first to make these rare and often suppressed recordings available to American collectors. Over the years others have attempted, without success, to imitate our pioneering efforts. Note: These Oakleaf CDs were all made from the original audio cassettes. Apparently, the studio sometimes treated each “side” – as opposed to each “song” – as a “track”, resulting in only two tracks, even though all the songs are present.

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