The Struggle of the Nordic Race Soul Against the South and East


Translated from the Third Reich original Der Kampf der nordischen Rassenseele gegen Süden und Osten by Bernhard Kummer. The theme is that the mighty civilizations of ancient Persia, India, Greece and Rome were founded by Nordic invaders and that their later decline and fall was caused largely by the deluding of Nordic with non-Nordic blood. The original illustrations are included.

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SC. 43pp.

“Whither the Nordics come, their state and culture forming energy arises. But as soon as one disrespects the laws of life and of blood, the decline begins, which leads to total collapse.” (Karl Buchholz.)

…”Today one of those eras begins”, says Alfred Rosenberg, “in which world history must be written anew.” One did not previously note that history “is a conflict between blood and environment, between blood and blood”. One disregarded “the river of blood-red, real life, which flows through the veins of all genuine folk nature and each culture”. One followed a “historical life” from one circle of folks to another and believed in a human development that began in Palestine and released the whole world from the peculiarities of the blood and its laws. Today the blood, which determines the style of a culture, today therace soul as final shaper of a culture form becomes important to us, and we follow its fate and its struggle on the paths along which the blood belonging to it once wandered.

“If one previously found in Indian or Persian, in Greek or Roman religion or morality, next to sublime thoughts and images and noble customs, pitiful, grotesque and base or alien images and commandments, one sought to explain that on the basis of a historical development, which one presumed in the whole world and among all folks: whatever appeared more primitive, less noble, more odd, one put at the beginning, the more noble was then the higher development, next to which the remnant of the lower still showed itself. So did one write a history of human morality and a history of human religion. One had not taken any note that various races and race souls exist in the world, and hence from the very basis various bearing, toward divinity, woman, cropland, hearth and nature.”