Adolf Hitler Speaks – Volume One: The National Will


Adolf Hitler Speaks is translated from original Third Reich material, specifically excerpts from his speeches between 1922 and 1935. This first volume deals with The National Will. The chapters include: The State Idea, The Reich and the Provinces, Foreign AffairsThe Armed Forces and The National Socialist Movement. Buy the 4 Book Set.

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Softcover, 63pp. 

Three factors essentially determine the political life of a folk: First, the inner worth of a folk, which is passed on again and again as genetic pool through the generations. – There are, however, above all two other, inwardly related manifestations, which we again and again see in the periods of decline of nations; the one is the replacement of the value of personality by a leveling, numerical concept, by democracy, the other is the negation of the folk value, the rejection of the diversity of inclination, of achievement etc. of the individual folks, whereby both manifestations determine each other and at least influence their development. – But there is also a third thing, namely the opinion that life in this world, after one has already denied the value of personality and the unique folk value, must not be preserved through struggle.

Lecture on January 27, 1932 in Düsseldorf