546 S-01-03An American Sees the New Germany


by Doug Brinkley. Fascinating SYMPATHETIC(!) description of the early Third Reich by an American journalist who traveled extensively in Germany from 1932 through 1934. He personally met Adolf Hitler and other Third Reich leaders…he visited a concentration camp…and he participated in the German Work Service.

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By decree of October 24, 1934 the Führer and Reich Chancellor legally established the tasks, the goal and the organization of the “German Work Front”.

The construction effort that began on May 2, 1933 has hence found legal sanction.

From on May 1, 1933 still existing remnants of the unions and other worker organizations the “German Work Front” was founded as A NEW LARGE, UNIFIED ORGANIZATION OF THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST PEOPLES COMMUNITY WITHOUT CLASS STRUGGLE CHARACTER. In scope and numbers it is four times larger than the above-mentioned organizations were on May 1, 1933.

The huge, idealistic value this organization possesses lies in the fact that it achieves a COMPLETE EQUALITY OF RIGHTS of its members. This equal treatment consciously elevates the manual laborer out of the class struggle milieu of the proletariat. This means a revolution on the social level, in other words a totally NEW social order has emerged! In the past, the state and the people were torn apart by political parties. The best forces within the people were wasted in a conflict of everybody AGAINST everybody else, to the detriment of the entire nation. This made Germany impotent internally and externally. Today, however, a COMPLETE UNITY and hence naturally also STRENGTH have emerged. This unity has been expressed by the outstanding election results experienced by the German people in Adolf Hitler’s era. It results from a REAL, COMMUNITY SENSE enjoyed by all.

Tasks in all areas of national life that the previous, liberal-Marxist epoch could have never solved due to egotistical conflicts of interest, now approach their fulfillment.

Born out of revolutionary deed and pushed onward by the clever and goal-conscious politics of the Reich Organization Leader Dr. R. Ley to revolutionary progress, the “German Work Front” now already bears fruit that justify the German peoples’ greatest hopes.

THE INCREASE OF PRODUCTIVITY of all the German people is the highest goal of the “German Work Front”. No disruptive intervention – neither strike nor lockout etc. – hampers the economy in its necessary striving to increase yield in order to achieve the SOCIAL COMPENSATION that represents an essential demand of the National Socialist program.

Based on an absolutely voluntary union, all productive people of the mind and of the hand, each for his own part, tries to achieve the highest performance in order to find idealistic and material satisfaction.

Some states in class struggle still experience all the phases of the conflict of everybody against everybody else. Other states have gone over to a certain double-union-system with employers on the one side and workers on the other, each with their own umbrella organization. The National Socialist state has gone beyond these intermediate forms to the ideal solution, the COMMUNITY.

The genius of the Führer and Reich Chancellery has been able to elevate people above their egotistic, self-centered thinking and directed their view toward the eternal and indestructible values of comradeship, solidarity, equal rights and honor. Twenty-two months after the creation of the Hitler regime a National Socialist community work has been carried out in the New Germany that is worthy to stand next to its accomplishments in other fields. It contributes to the world’s respect for National Socialist unity and for the unity of the German nation.