Blood Martyrs of the Hitler Youth


Even teenagers and children fell victim to communist terror. Translated from the Third Reich original.

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Softcover. 41pp.

Distress and desperation strode through German lands. Thousands and thousands of German workers, employees and officials lost their livelihood. Given up to misery! Suicides out of distress were daily occurrences. Only the big shots of the ruling system were in danger of suffocating in fat. But murderous tribute was squeezed from the powerless folk. Tremendous burdens are placed on its shoulders for generations. And in the process one still dares to speak of the folk with swollen words like freedom and dignity.

A system of untruth and folk misery governs! Woe to whomever is not of its opinion. Rubber club and prison threaten him.

In these days of deepest distress and severest terror, a youth stands up. Ridiculed and mocked, scorned and persecuted, young idealists take up the struggle for freedom and bread. The burgher mocks: “Inexperienced youth! Little boys!” and talks of the rottenness of youth that knows nothing about politics and only joins a party in order to fight in the streets. He does not know that in the hearts of thousands and thousands of agitated proletarians, who reside in rented barracks and miserable apartments, the hope for the coming world revolution burns bright, through which ruination threatens the whole folk. He talks about “brawls” and does not know that two world-views fight against each other to the death here. He also has no idea that those “inexperienced youths”, those “little boys in the Hitler uniform” fight for him as well. He does not know that and he does not want to know it either. He sees in this youth just “political rowdies”, who are agitated by irresponsible party politicians, and he must nonetheless realize with horrified eyes that this youth rushes with waving flags into the Hitler Youth, the collection basin of young activists. Due to this ignorance he tries, by good and by bad, wherever he just can, to suppress the new idea. But the penetrated spark has ignited a bright, flaming fire in the heart of the youths. With passionate enthusiasm and self-sacrificing idealism, the youth goes to the tremendous work of folk enlightenment. On streets, squares and courtyards, in schools, offices, factories and houses, everywhere, the new youth fights for the hearts of German folk comrades.

Struggle of the Hitler Youth – it was probably the same in every area. Everywhere, the Hitler Youth bled and sacrificed for idea and Führer. Millions of the German folk comrades who today breathe a sigh of relief in the new time, only know the end result of the previous struggle. They do not know the pain and suffering that the Hitler Youth had to endure in the struggle for a National Socialist Germany side by side with their comrades in the SA and party.

If today the flag of faith flies over Germany, if today an army of millions marches behind the red-white-red swastika banners of the Hitler Youth, then every German should remember those who opened the path to the German future through sacrifice and suffering.

21 Hitler Youths fell for Germany. This publication is dedicated to them.