Charlemagne and Widukind


Translated from the Third Reich original, Karl und Widukind, by Walter Gebhardt. Brief National Socialist presentation is respectful to both men, although naturally more sympathetic to the Germanic hero Widukind. The original illustrations are included.


Softcover. 41pp.

Whoever serves the folk he is born into with unwavering loyalty, administers the legacy of the ancestors in high mission and struggles for the well-being of the grandchildren, deserves to be revered by the following generations of his folk as a historical personality. This yardstick also applies to the examination of the fateful events tied to the names Charlemagne and Witukind. A struggle of world historical importance that began with the battle in the Teutoburg Forest and reached its zenith in the times of the Vandal Geiserich and the Goth Theodorich, finds its end. Germany’s fate is decided for more than a millennium. We must live this turning point today anew with deep consciousness of responsibility.