544 S-01-02 Fallen for the Fatherland


Translation of original Third Reich book to comfort the families of the war dead. Even in Nazi Germany this book was pretty Christian. 

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SC, 87pp.

A Word to the Grieving

Many fathers, mothers and wives sacrifice their sons and husbands in this time of war. It would be unnatural if their hearts were not full of grief, for it is blood of their blood that has flowed. Who would not understand those who grieve. No one is so heartless that he does not feel with them and, if he could, would gladly help. But we are so powerless in this area. How do a few words of comfort help? Ultimately only one can help, the one who proclaimed to us the eternal truth for all time: I live and you shall live! They died, but see, they live!

Certainly, it is not easy to understand these words, especially when the wound to the heart is still fresh. This realization must be won in difficult struggle with oneself. This is where our sympathy comes in. You mourners, once you get some rest, when you have a quiet hour, then read the contents of this book. Do not read it in one sitting! Reach for it again and again. Read the letters and the last words of the fallen! Your loved one could have written them as well.

Then let God’s words speak to you. They have been selected for you and they have shown who knows how many the right path. Try it and you will feel how an invigorating strength begins to flow through your hearts – a strength not from men, rather from God. It demands nothing from you without immediately also giving to you. Surely, this certainly does not leap at us. We must want it. All mighty God helps you to want it.