German War Christmas


translated/excerpted from the Third Reich original Deutsche Kriegsweihnacht, published by the NSDAP’S famous Franz Eher Verlag in Munich in 1944. It consists of letters to and from the front – both World War One and World War Two – as well as (presumably true) stories of Christmas events.

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SC. 51pp.

I have today journeyed to you, without certificate of leave, without travel ticket, packing only the light luggage of my dreams and thoughts. I have come in order to be with you, when the candles on the Christmas tree are lit. I have come in thought only, yes, only so. It is wonderful to travel in thought only. I clearly sense how my steps from the train station were winged, how I turned the corner, how my boots crunched in the snow; over there our house, in the little garden the protectively covered rose bushes. I rang, three times very short, like earlier; three times short, that was me. A light shock would have struck your heart, for nobody other than I would ring three times. I heard the scurrying of little children legs in the hall. Who is it?, asked the biggest one. Just like from a distant dream, you heard the children’s shouting, the jubilation of their cheerful voices. I am now here, dear wife. I am with you, although I have already written that I would not come. In my thoughts I am with you.