Jews with the White Vest


translated from the 1936 Third Reich original Juden mit der Weißen Weste by Erwin Knocker. It presents brief depictions of five Jewish financiers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose machinations caused great harm in Germany, even though they might not have been technically “illegal”, thereby enabling them to keep their “white vest” of “respectability”.

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SC. 48pp.

The author portrays to us in this book some typical Finance-Jews, he calls them “Jews with the white vest”, he means thereby Jews who have not violated their host-folks formal laws or who fled with their stolen goods in time, when things got too hot for them. It was and is of the greatest importance to display these big Finance-Jews in all their harmfulness and baseness to the German folk and indeed to all non-Jews. They could carry out their gigantic crimes unpunished, because the Jewish racial comrades have for many decades decisively influenced or even themselves created the stock-market legislation and indeed all laws regarding finances. It is a mistake that today avenges itself on all non-Jewish folks that they have to ever increasing degree left the decisive influence over the monetary system and the whole national economy to the Jews.

The quite modern monetary system, the whole stock-market system or, more accurately, mischief, stems from Judah, it is bred by the ghetto spirit. In its result worse than Pandora’s box, this financial abomination was unleashed upon an unfortunate mankind with the Jew emancipation. If it was previously possible for the Jews, aside from individual exceptions, to practice usury and swindle only on a small scale, then, with the modern finance technology and its constantly growing wealth, the Jews’ spirit of exploitative usury and swindle struck ever broader circles of the populace. Despite all that, knowledge of the Jewish question remained limited to only very few. Only the World War with its terrible results first promoted the awakening of mankind.