Julius Streicher’s Political Testament: My Affirmation


Written in 1945. He presents his first encounters with both Jewry and Adolf Hitler as well as the evolution of his political views and activism, including a defense of the Nuremberg Laws based in part on the Old Testament and Zionism. 

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43pp. Softcover.

“Have you already heard Adolf Hitler speak?” I had been asked again and again for some time. And when this happened again, it seemed to me as if fate had again directed a call at me.

It was on a winter day in the year 1922. I sat there again in a public assembly as an unknown among unknown. I sat in a mass assembly in the meeting hall of the “Bürgerbräus” on Rosenheimerstrasse in Munich. A tremendous tension of anticipation was lying over the mighty assembly hall.

Suddenly, the call came from outside: “Hitler is coming!”, as if struck by the ray of a mysterious force, many thousands of men and women rose from their seats, raised up their right arm as blessing, and like the shout of a primal force, the cry “Heil Hitler” roared again and again toward the man approaching. With effort, those accompanying him cleared a path for him through the pushing masses of people.

When he now stood at the pulpit and, with a face glistening with joy, gazed across the raging enthusiasm, I felt that there must be something special about this Adolf Hitler! The storm of enthusiasm had been replaced by an oddly expectant silence.

Now he spoke. At first, slowly and hardly any emphasis, but then ever faster and more forceful, and finally escalating to great strength. What was said, was the revelation of a deep knowledge of the cause that plunged the German folk into its misfortune, and it was the revelation of a deep belief in God, which from the strength of German spirit and of German heart will break the chains of slavery, when the time has come. It was a tremendous wealth of thoughts that came from his mouth in a more than three-hour speech, clothed in the beauty of talented speech.

Each felt it: This man speaks from a divine calling, he speaks as delegate of heaven in a moment in which hell opened up to devour everything.

And all had understood him, with the brain and with the heart, the men and also the women. He had spoken for all, for the whole German folk. It had been the last hour before midnight, when his speech ended with the solemn admonishment: “Workers of mind and of fist! Join hands in a German folk community of heart and of deed!”

“We assemble to pray before God the Just!” [“Wir treten zum Beten vor Gott den Gerechten!”] Never before had I heard this song sung so ardently pleading and so full of faith and hope, and never before had the singing of the “Deutschland-Lied” [German National Anthem] moved me so deeply, as it happened in that mass rally, in which, for the first time, I saw Adolf Hitler and heard him speak. I felt it: in this moment, fate had called me for the second time! I rushed through the cheering masses to the podium and now stood in front of him: “Mr. Hitler! I am Julius Streicher! At this hour I know it: I can only be a helper, but you are the Führer! I hereby hand over to you the folk movement created by me in Franconia.”

Questioning, he gazed at me from the blue depth of his eyes. There were long seconds. But then, he took my hands with great warmth: “Streicher, I thankyou!”

So fate had called me the second time. But this time it was the greatest call in my life.