Race and Population: Pictures Speak


Reprint of original SS picture book contrasting Aryan and non-Aryan. Dual English/German text.

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Softcover. 47pp.

The Politics of Race and Population

…that is the totality of issues concerning the perpetuation of our living folk. The life of the individual is very short in comparison.

Even our 80 million folk of today, in which we personally form a link, is as such only a small segment in the life of the folk in the larger sense, which reaches from the parents and grandparents of our 80 million back into the grey dawn of history and through children and grandchildern into the farthest future, if our own life and all past and present struggle and effort is to keep its meaning.

Germany does not consist of just a certain space and the material forms of existence, not just of mountains, valleys and rivers, not just factories, streets, cities, houses or of intellectual concepts, thoughts, books or songs – it consists in the first place of people, who are ruled by the laws of nature of the development and the passing of life, and who themselves create intellectual and material values within this space, which them in their totality are called “Germany”.

Germany only has a future if there are Germans, people of the same blood, of the same physical and psychological appearance, of the same creative strength as the people who have built Germany for two thousand years.

Today we do everything to guarantee the certain existence of our folk and Reich. We create defenses, which nobody can penetrate; we secure food for our population, create peace within and increase production and the standard of living. All that is necessary, and the shameful past has taught us that without it survival is not possible. But all of these massive efforts only secure the life of the 80 million Germans living today.

The final security of our existence as a folk is only found when it has a large enough number of children from its best segments. Only then do our present efforts gain sense and purpose.

Doing something for the present generation at the expense of the next generation can only be justified if the present life – and hence the emergence of future life – is directlythreatened. Then of course everything must be employed to save the substance. In war or in extraordinary times all other necessitates must take second place. In every other situation, however, the present generation has no right to take personal advantage at the cost or risk of posterity and hence of our folk future.

The perspective of the politics of race and population, which serves this future, must have priority over any other political measure, regardless of which field, for it forms its precondition.

After the period of the uninhibited right of the individual we have adopted an idea that has not yet in every regard made “personal freedom” dependent on the responsibility toward children and grandchildren.

To this most essential responsibility belongs first to have children and grandchildren. Especially those who have inherited the most valuable characteristics from Germany’s genetic heritage did not receive them as a gift simply to use their ability to prosper financially, rather to preserve and to increase this irreplacable treasure, which does not belong to them alone, in that they return them to their people through a racially valuable marriage and numerous children.

The politics of race and population is thus not merely a political task of the state, rather it necessitates more than other tasks a total change of the personal life-view of the individual and it touches the essence of the National Socialist world-view.

Wanting to be a National Socialist and in this point remaining a libertarian is impossible!

A National Socialist world-view without racial thinking and without practical consequences in the personal conduct of the individual toward the issue of folk life does not exist. Education for such thought and action is not education within any speciality, as it may appear to many, rather education for the preconditions of National Socialism itself.

Germany’s fate

will not be decided by the economy

and not by defense and weapons.

It will finally be decided by

what position our folk takes toward the child.

Adolf Hitler