Rudolf Hess Speaks – Volume One: Peace


translated from four speeches by Rudolf Hess about peace and international understanding between 1934 and 1937. Buy the Full Set

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SC. 44pp.

The first speech was directed at the front-fighters of all nations. The second, delivered to an elite audience in Stockholm, promoted understanding for the young National Socialist state. The third speech was directed at American women and the fourth to youth from around the world.

Here is an Excerpt:

But something else also emerged in the front-fighters despite all bitterness and all the pitilessness of war: the feeling of a certain inner bond with the front-fighter over there beyond no-mans-land, who bore the same suffering, stood in the same mud and was threatened with the same death.

And this feeling of a bond has remained to this day.

Is it not so: When front-fighters – enemies in the past – meet, the same memories and the same opinions also meet. The subject of their conversation is the World War, the hope behind their conversations is peace. And hence the front-fighters are called on to build the bridge of understanding and reconciliation from folk to folk, if the politicians do not find the path.

It is no coincidence that the states that are primarily led only by front-fighters, Germany and Italy, make the strongest effort to promote peace in the world. And it is no coincidence that at the meeting of the front-fighters Hitler and Mussolini a hearty, personal relationship quickly emerged.