Russia’s Gravediggers


translated from the German original Totengräber Rußlands. It consists of drawings of the Jewish leaders of the Soviet Union by Otto Kurfell with verses by Dietrich Eckart and a foreword by Alfred Rosenberg dated November 1921.


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Softcover. 41pp.

Anybody not blind must see that from the first day of Bolshevism onward, it was a purely Jewish enterprise. In 1920, the Englishman Wilson traveled Russia and ascertained among around 380 commissars 300 Jews. Today we have the whole register of Russia’s tyrants. An English publication “Jews in Russia” lists for us the now governing 550 men by name and in their “official” capacity. The Central Committee of Peoples Commissars consists of 3 Russians, 2 Armenians and 17 Jews. In the War commissariat sit 8 Latvians, 1 German, no Russians and 34 Jews. (Bronstein-Trotzky, Fischmann, Romm, Meitschick, Lievenson, Posern, Goubelmann, Kaimanowitsch, Beckmann, Glutzmann, Jusmanowitsch, Hirschfeld, Lechtiner, Schulmann, Nasenholz, Tsieger, Jake, Silbermann etc.). The Commissariat for the Interior consists of 2 Russians, a few Latvians, Armenians, Poles and 45 Jews (Apfelbaum-Sinowjew, Goldenrudin, Ender, Königstein, Krachmal, Schreider, Sayermann, Meynkmann, Model, Josselewitsch, Schklowsky, Kneisitz, Rasmirowitsch, Kronberg, Rywkin, Swerdloff, Estkin, Blumkin [murderer of the German emissary Mirach], Fines, Sachs etc.). The Commissariat for Foreign Affairs consists of 1 Rusisan, 1 Armenian, 1 Latvian, 1 German and 13 Jews (Josse, Margolin, Levien [the “Bavarian” folk delegate], Axelrod [emissary in Wilna], Beck [delegate in Paris and London, together with Liebermann], Grünbaum etc.). I still add to this Litwinow-Finkelstein in Reval, Hillersohn in Prague; after Schklowsky was chased out of Switzerland, the Schermanns in Luzern, Morowsky in Italy, Vigdor Kopp, Samuel Reich among others in Berlin… So does it go through all the centrals. The provinces are supervised by 23 commissars, among them 21 Jews (Khaitis in Siberia, Berlinksi in Sysrani, Lievensohn on the Don, Sackheim in Jaroslaw, Issak Lauk in the Danube basin etc.). Obviously, the staff which must systematically lie to Russia, the journalists, are almost totally Jewish. “Prawda” (“Truth”) is governed by Kuhn, Lurie, Diamant, Alperowitsch, Steklow-Nachamkes etc.; “Wolija Truda” (“Work Will”) by Katz, Sachs, Poliansky; “Znamja Trudsa” (“Banner of Work”) by Lander, Levin, Davidson among others; the economics newspapers by Bernstein, Goldberg, Goldmann, Eliassohn, Rafalowitsch etc.. Among 42 press directors, only one is a non-Jew: the pitiful Maxim Gorki. Finally, the all “Russian” executive consists of Lenin, characterized by some as Russo-Tartar, by others as Kalmucks Jew, and 33 Jews (President Swerdlow, Abelmann, Himmer-Suchanow, Bleichmann, Katz-Kamkow, Smidowitsch, Levitzky, Goldstein etc.).

In summaiton: 34 Latvians, 30 Russians, a few Armenians, Poles, Czechs and 447 Jews! That is the “Russian” Soviet government.