Songs of the Romanian Iron Guard


Songs of the Romanian Iron Guard. The Iron Guard, more formally known as the “Legion of Michael the Archangel,” was founded by Corneliu Codreanu as a defense organization against rampant Communist subversion and revolution in Romania in the 1930’s. Largely a group of university students, the Iron Guard soon grew to embody patriotic elements from all walks of life. In 1938, on orders from reactionary and jealous Conservative government officials, Codreanu and several of his comrades were placed under arrest, taken to a forest and murdered. Their martyrdom lives to this day and the fame of their Legionary deeds will live forever. This CD includes: 1. Hymn of the Legionary Youth; 2. Workers to Arms; 3. Hymn to Mota and Marin; 4. Legionary Victory Hymn; 5. Stefan Ruler of Moldavia; 6. Hymn of the Szeklar Romanians; 7. Hymn of Legionary Youth (2nd version).

Oakleaf Records, founded in 1971, was the first to make these rare and often suppressed recordings available to American collectors. Over the years others have attempted, without success, to imitate our pioneering efforts. Note: These Oakleaf CDs were all made from the original audio cassettes. Apparently, the studio sometimes treated each “side” – as opposed to each “song” – as a “track”, resulting in only two tracks, even though all the songs are present.

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