SS Creed – Volume Ten: Northern Provinces


translated from original SS publications. The articles deal with some, not all, of Germany’s northern provinces, namely Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Silesia, East Prussia and Sleswig-Holstein. There is also an article about the German Hanse. The original illustrations are also included. 

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SC. 51pp.

Just as one must talk about the Swabs, if one speaks of the Reich’s beginning, of the great Reich idea of the Staufen period – just like one must talk about the Lower Saxons and the North Sea coast, if one speaks of German naval power and of the great eastern drive of the Lower Germans that was launched against the Slavic invasion of hereditary Germanic land – so must one talk about the East Prussians, if one speaks of the new time, of the new, great Reich idea that fills all of us!

To be born into this land, meant and means for the East Prussian a sacred obligation. “Wherever the great war might start, it will be finished by us!” I already heard that as a child, and war – for this border land that always meant the threat from the east. Again and again, it was threatened by folks – this brave folk we are named after, whose peasant blood blended together from the blood of Lower and Higher German, who were sent here by the Teutonic Knights, the Great Elector, the Soldier King, and his great son in the most wise, to this day exemplary eastern colonization.