SS Marches and War Songs – Volume One


The Oakleaf Collection presents original recordings, all from ultra-rare 78 rpm discs from the 1930’s through the end of World War Two. These are no “modern” fake renditions or Hollywood re-creations! Here are SS Men and SS Bands performing their marches and battle songs, and you will hear them exactly the way they were meant to be heard—with that unmistakable force, drive, spirit and enthusiasm that only these authentic recorded documents can impart! This CD includes: 1. Badenweiler Marsch; 2. Flamme Empor! (Flame, Arise!); 3. Marsch der Leibstandarte (March of Hitler’s Bodyguard); 4. Treue um Treue (Loyalty for Loyalty); 5. Märkische Heide (Mark-Brandenburg Heath); 6. Schlesier Lied (Song of Silesia); 7. Reiht euch ein! (Fall in!); 8. Flieg deutsche Fahne, flieg (Fly, German Flag, Fly); 9. SS-Kavallerie Lieder-Potpourri (SS Cavalry Potpourri of Songs); 10. Unsere Garde (Our Guard); 11. O Deutschland hoch in Ehren (Oh, Germany, High in Honors); 12. Wenn alle untreu werden (When All Others Become Unfaithful).

Oakleaf Records, founded in 1971, was the first to make these rare and often suppressed recordings available to American collectors. Over the years others have attempted, without success, to imitate our pioneering efforts. Note: These Oakleaf CDs were all made from the original audio cassettes. Apparently, the studio sometimes treated each “side” – as opposed to each “song” – as a “track”, resulting in only two tracks, even though all the songs are present.

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