530 S-01-02 SS Picture Book: River of Life


English-translation of an original SS picture book extolling the Aryan family and home.

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Softcover. 54pp.

Germanic Life Will

Our National Socialist worldview replaces the liberal concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity with the folk, which is based on blood and soil. A very simple statement, yet with huge ramifications.

For perhaps the first time in human history, in our land we realize that of all the tasks we face, the most noble and hence the most holy for men is the preservation of our Godgiven, blood based kind.

It is not for men to judge why Providence created races, rather just to realize that it punishes those who mistreat its creation. Just as the knowledge that the earth revolves around the sun led to a great change in the general worldview, so will the blood and race teachings of the National Socialist movement produce a major change in the view of human history and the future.

This will not lead to an alienation of the folks – quite the contrary, it will lead for the first time to genuine understanding.

If the first time in its history the German folk has achieved greater unity, this is due to the influence of this inner experience.

Countless prejudices will be destroyed, many barriers will be brushed aside as inconsequential, bad traditions will fade, old symbols will lose their value, out of the impotence of regional, dynastic, ideological, religious and political division arises the German folk carrying its banner of unity, which symbolically does not document the victory of a state, rather of a racial principle.

Adolf Hitler

Reichstag Speech of January 30, 1937