SS Viewpoint – Volume Eleven: Europe


Translated from the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps, select articles from 1941 to 1945. Each volume is focused on a specific theme. If you enjoyed our SS Culture and SS Creed series, you’ll enjoy this series as well.

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Each SC volume has 40-51pp.

The current President of the United States of North America saw the moment had arrived to degrade Europe, the old mother house, to a branch office. He hates in Hitler not just National Socialist Germany, rather also self-aware, independent, freedom-desiring Europe. Roosevelt and the ringleaders of World Jewry who surround him evidently want to force the continents into a kind of huge trust, whose general directorship is supposed to sit in the White House in Washington. Roosevelt, a wave-maker in tuxedo and top hit, probably already sees himself as the President of Mankind. But it is incomprehensible, how he actually intends to make the poor inhabitants of the earth happy. Should it perhaps be the backward social conditions that has led to mass unemployment in the United States? Or the lack of culture of North American society circles who know nothing but money and pleasure, who can converse a whole evening about how much this ball gown and that tennis jacket cost? May the planet be spared the embarrassment that the trivialities of the North American department store culture become world dominant. The mere thought of it evokes cold shivers. In the course of millennia many a misfortune has befallen mankind, but a world domination by this powdered barbarism would be the worst catastrophe.

What made the United States great and strong, yes, possible at all, it owes to European mankind: racial basis, vitality, ability for economics and technology. German settlers and soldiers have made immortal contributions to the United States. If the American hatred against Germany and Europe were to come from Aryan America, it would be incest, it would be an unnatural erring. But it is a Jewish hared that is pumped into the Americans like a new fashion. Roosevelt and his Jews would apply against Europe the historical law of ingratitude.