SS Viewpoint – Volume Four: Heroes


Translated from the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps, select articles from 1941 to 1945. Each volume is focused on a specific theme. If you enjoyed our SS Culture and SS Creed series, you’ll enjoy this series as well.

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Each SC volume has 40-51pp.

Advancing under heavy fire through the streets of G., Dorr realized that he wouldn’t have time to completely cleanse the far-flung town G. of the enemy, and that he could not wait for the following portions of the advance unit, if he did not want to run the risk of thereby coming to a standstill in G. with his relatively weak battle group and stopping before the river. If his plan is successful, and in this situation only total daring could work, he will have enabled the division’s further decisive thrust from the bridgehead toward the south.

Perhaps his men, tenaciously fighting their way forward through the fire-spitting town, did not see from their commander’s face – which appealed to their quiet loyalty and rough hearts due to its always happy, charismatic nature and its clear justice – the magnitude of the decision, when he gave the order to push through the town and reach the river bank without regard for the opponent’s behaviour.

The extraordinary thing succeeded: penetrating into the opponent ahead of his men, Hauptsturmführer Dorr himself opened the way to the Kuban. Under most intense enemy fire that sprayed treacherously from overgrown hedges and even down from the trees, at the point of his battle group he crossed the river on rafts, pushing farther ahead, formed the bridgehead and held it against all enemy attacks that were launched with heavy use of artillery and air power, until the town G. was mopped up by following portions of an SS-regiment and it was possible to bring over appropriate reinforcements for the expansion of the bridgehead. It was later learned, and this puts the whole daring of his action in the proper light, that in the process the Battle Group Dorr had faced an opponent with a strength of about a division.