The Emperor of the Romans Against the King of the Jews


Translated from the Third Reich original Der Kaiser der Römer gegen den König der Juden, which was publish by Kurt Eggers. This English translation by Gerhard Lauck was first published in 2011. It consists of the anti-Christian writings of the Roman Emperor Julian aka Julian the Apostate preceded by an introduction by Kurt Eggers.

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Softcover. 40pp.

From the in no way delightful, rather frequently thoroughly bloodthirsty history of the Christian church, filled with terror and horror, we are accustomed to view the ancient world with it cults and regions, with its towering science and its profound philosophy, in short, its whole manifold culture at the time of those odd events, which played out around the year 30 in and around Jerusalem, as rotting, in itself decayed and dying structure.

The “blind heathens” – so has one told us – would have certainly perished in chaos of the struggle of all against all, if not at the last moment, saving and healing, redeeming Christianity had not come over them.!

The folks have awaited you.

Until the time was fulfilled!…

it goes in one of the so frequently silly, vain and complacent church songs. As if the philosophers and statesmen, the great soldiers and researchers of antiquity would have listened to the Jerusalem revelations!

As if the apostles, these indeed in no way interesting Jews, had to first bring the “light of the orient” to the great men of antiquity.

What presumption, what arrogance lies indeed in such a church history! The reality looked completely different. A systematic thrust against the heart of the cultured world of back then was carried out from Jerusalem, primary through the ruinous working of the Jewish rabbi Paul.

The goal was the smashing of the strong nation states in order to erect a “kingdom of God” – this means a race-less priest state corresponding to the Jewish end expectations and encompassing the whole world with its goods.

This goal was and is the alpha and omega of the whole Jewish Messiah idea, which, after all, – even if under a somewhat different sign – Christianity also serves.