The German Demon


translated from the Third Reich original Der Deutsche Dämon. This collection of poems by Kurt Eggers was dedicated to his friend Heinrich Schwarz.

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Softcover. 40pp.

The old world,

weary of deeds,

watches full of fears

the north’s

warlike resurrection.

The old world,

unaccustomed to thought since the cross,


too weak to understand it:

the new doctrine:

that solely the strong

of life and of fate

is ruler.

The old world,

no longer learned in deep knowledge

stands perplexed

before the revelation

of the light:

that all darkness

must recede

when manly courage and will


The old world,

faith long lost,

lets tumbling

all hopes depart,

It hears

the victory-harsh songs

of the young crew.

The old world,

already devoured by doubt,

looks around fearfully for help:

Not science, not teaching,

not hatred, not love

give advance.

What even the German

had hardly comprehended:

The north’s rebellion


no foreign god in heaven.

No magician, no devil


the seeking heart of the German human being:

The German demon

is the deed!