The Jewish Question in the Classroom


By Julius Streicher. Translated from the rare and much sought after Third Reich original.

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The race and Jewish question is the core problem of the National Socialist world-view. The solution of this problem ensures the existence of National Socialism and thus the existence of our folk for eternity. The tremendous importance of the race question is today almost fully comprehended by the German folk. In order to achieve this understanding, our folk had to walk a long path of suffering. So that coming generations may be spared this path of suffering, we want to anchor the knowledge of the Jew deep in the hearts of the German educators of our youth already from childhood on. In our folk nobody should or may grow up who would not recognize the Jew in all his monstrousness and dangerousness.

This has as a prerequisite that the German educator himself as well must penetrate deeply into the Jewish question. Valuable work is being done in this regard in the school camps and work communities of the National Socialist Teachers’ Federation. But experience teaches that many educators are unable to utilize and interpret the knowledge attained in the race and Jewish question in their school so that our youth would have a gain from it for their whole life. Whoever devotes an hour every week to race science and the Jewish question in his school and makes it its own, independent subject, takes an unnatural path. Knowledge in the race and Jewish question must grow organically from the overall instruction in our schools. Race science and the Jewish question must be woven like a red thread through the education of all age levels. Among the subjects of study of our schools there are none from which valuable information for the information could not be drawn in unsuspected quantity. From the urge to show some of these possibilities, this publication, “The Jewish Question in the Classroom”, emerged. It does not make the claim to be considered a pedagogical publication in the usual sense. It contains none of the familiar sample instructions that spoiled style and instinct for many a teacher. The little publication, ‘The Jewish Question in the Classroom”, wants to show the German educators in a plain and simple manner the path along which the Jewish question can be naturally built into the instruction. Whoever once has the main path, will himself find a thousand side roads and dig up new knowledge.