The Jewish Question


by Arno Schickedanz. Translated from the Third Reich original.

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Softcover. 44pp.

From the beginning of its existence the NSDAP has recognized and taken up the Jewish question as one of the most important in the life and for the life of the folks. The existence of such a question was for it without a doubt, for the words of Chaim Waizmann, Zionism’s leader, are valid not only for the Jews, rather also for the other folks: “England with its world-encompassing view has perhaps for reasons, which I wish to indicate, more than any other nation understood that the Jewish question strolls like a shadow across the world and can become a tremendous force for construction and a tremendous force for destruction.”

The NSDAP did not satisfy itself with simply adopting the individual previously taken views and opinions in this area and to declare them right or wrong. Already from its beginnings on there emerged in the ranks a number of party comrades who devoted themselves to an examination of this question so life essential for the host folks. Based on the facts and research already known from earlier, matured through the bitter knowledge of the prewar and postwar periods, they ascertained facts and connections that recorded the working of Jewry with a new, comprehensive, previously not surmised significance. Furthermore, thanks to the fortunate systemization of individual researchers, the race question, which in the liberal, equalitarian era was repressed or handled only perfunctorily, gained new impetus and from itself also demanded a new examination of the Jewish phenomenon. From four subjects: from natural science, ethnology, prehistory and history, there came now impetuses for the evaluation of Jewry on the basis of its tribal and intellectual-historical past in regard to the other, but especially to the European, folks, whereby the life behavior of Jewry itself, such as it could be observed by any unprejudiced member of the European family of folks, supplies the main stimulus.