The Light From the North: A Short Presentation of the Earliest Culture Creations of Nordic Man


Translated from the Third Reich original, Das Licht aus dem Norden: Eine kurzgefaßte Darstellung der frühesten Kulturschöpfungen des nordischen Menschen, by the well-known Third Reich author Kurt Pastenaci, originally published in 1935 in Berlin by Nordland Verlag, which published many SS publications. Based on the sciences of prehistory and early history, this short work presents some of the major contributions to mankind made by the Nordic race. Emphasis is placed on finds within the Nordic culture circle predating those of comparable objects elsewhere in the world. The theme is that the previously generally held view that civilization had come to central and northern Europe from the east and the south – “ex oriente lux” – is wrong. Instead, “the light came from the north”.

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Softcover. 56pp.

The listing of deeds and creations, which mankind owes to the north and its folks, is even for pre-history and early history by no means exhaustive. Only a few especially impressive facts could be presented here. They will suffice to prove the superior energy and the eternal wellspring of Nordic mankind to the unbiased readers as well as to who the person who knows something about prehistory. What happened in the Middle Ages and the modern period is only a repetition of what occurred in the millennia before Christ. Most of the inventors and discoverers of the historical period have been of Nordic blood. To list all of them is not the task of this work.

If one has to choose between the claim that the achievements of culture – the light – came from the east or the fact that the most essential and greatest progress, which mankind made, stems from the north, then the decision is not difficult. The light for the world has really come from the north. For us Germans and especially for the Scandinavians the sun as well – the light of the sky – does not rise in the east, rather, if we, as is right, take as time point for evaluation the summer solstice, in the northeast or the north. Only for the southern folks may the statement that the “light comes from the east” have value. They are of a different kind and different essence than we, and if they want to cling to the old doctrine, then we do not want to hinder them from it.

We people of the north want to and must remember the towering energy of our ancestors and of our blood. The “light from the north” is for us just as much a reason to be proud of what our ancestors created as well as to make us conscious of the obligation, which we have to the great past of our folk. The “light from the north” is hence for us admonishment and task. Only if we obey the laws, which the north and our blood impose on us, will the statement “the light from the north” keep its validity in the future.