The Voice of the Ancestors


Wulf Sörensen. This lengthy poem was allegedly written by SS-Führer Heinrich Himmler himself under a pseudonym. Translated from the SS original.

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Softcover. 40pp.

And these people were offered these commandments from Sinai as the guiding-star of life!

Can one understand that these people laughed, when they heard these commandments, because it was unnamed or incomprehensible to them, what one demanded of them not to do?

Can one understand how they in furious rage raised the sword, when one said to them that man is evil from youth onward – to them, whose best were the Goths: the good ones?

Can one understand that unspeakable contempt made this splendid people bitter, when one promised them a heavenly reward, if they would not do things that, according to their native concepts, would have made them more base than an animal?

One brought these commandments to them, whose own were infinitely superior in human dignity and morality. Which since countless generations had already risen to the stars, far above the moral plain upon which the commandments of the Sinai moved, and who already for many millennia before the common calendar had in long treks carried morality and art into the world, fertilizing it.