The War Goal of World Plutocracy: Germany Must Die!


The OTHER “final solution”. Dual English/German text. Translated from the Third Reich original.

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SC. 70pp.

At almost the same moment as the main warmongers Roosevelt and Churchill, on the luxury yacht “Potomac” of the American President, in front of the weekly newsreel movie camera sang a pious song with their hand on the Bible for the victory of Bolshevism, the leading political figures in the United States and in England received a small, long packet containing a miniature cardboard coffin. Upon opening the cover one found a card with the demand: “Read the brochure: Germany must die!” This notice was followed the next day by a red-bound book with 104 pages with the original title in gold letters “Germany must perish”. The author was given the President of the American Federation of Peace, the American Jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman from the ghetto of Manhattan.

The book demanded nothing less than its title: the extermination of the entire German folk with women and children and the distribution of the territory of the Greater German Reich among its neighbors. As means for the extermination of the German folk with its more than 80 million people the Jewish president demanded the disarmament of the German folk followed by the sterilization of all fertile men, women and children.